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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Doctor's Get on the Anti-Food Color band wagon!

Every day it seems there is more information out there on the dangers of food coloring. I don't think most people even know what food coloring is made of to be honest. (I know I didn't before I looked into it!) Do you know!? Watch the video (click on the photo below, it will take you to the site) and you will be in for a bit of a surprise I would guess.

I'm not going to tell you that making the switch is easy, it's not.  Food coloring is in a lot of pre-made items. Things you'd never think they are in like pickles! Yes no joke, pickles! Yellow # whatever is in every flipping kind of pickle the box grocery stores sell. I have had to currently resort to buying them at the farmers market (my kids are huge pickle lovers) and in the summer guess who is going to be canning pickles (or trying)?
It's sad that even the things you would not think needed food coloring have it in them, though I guess I should have known because the store pickles have that strange neon-ish green color that just isn't normal.

I do however have to share my proud mommy moment that happened today.
My son Will age 6 is my food color sensitive guy. I'll have to post our story of discovery some day soon, because it was a life changing event for us!
Anyhow, today I picked Will up at after school club and one of the councilors asks me "Is will allergic to food coloring!?" Of course I had to explain to him, it's not a food allergy per-say (or I'd have filled it out on the sheet for allergies) it's a sensitivity that has behavior ramifications.
Since he's only here once a week I wasn't going to worry about it (I pack his lunch, so only the occasional treat someone brings in to share would be an issue.) Well it seems today was one of those days, one of the teacher's brought in a bag of cookies and passed them out to the kids. Will asked if it had food coloring in it!! They were a bit taken back by the question, but of course after looking at the bag they found it did. He said "No Thank You, I'll have one of my mom's home made cookies when I get home." It's awesome to know that 1- he knows he can get safe things at home, and 2- he is control of what he eats.

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