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Friday, June 22, 2012

Oxygen in a can!? Say it isn't so!!

Air in a can!? Yeah I know I'm a food blog, but after seeing this today at Walmart I had to blog about it!! It's called Boost Oxygen and it's 95% (I should have looked to see what the other 5% was-lol) pure oxygen.
I was racking my brain when I saw this, what movie did I see this in....hmmm.....
Does anyone else feel like they are watching Spaceballs Perri-Air!?
Or maybe...

I am truly caught between laughing and total fear on this one. Wow, this is CRAZY!! Oh and for the low low price of $9.97 you too can breath 150 breaths of fresh oxygen.....
What do you thing folks!? Share your comments below!!


  1. Uhhhh....I am totally curious about its "ingredient label" now, too! I wonder what "additives" are in this...Freaky! PS I <3 Mel Brooks. ;) ~Rebecca

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Susan!! It's a crazy world we live in! :)

  3. U DBlondes, There is no additives in Boost Oxygen! the other 5% is ambient air - (ambient air is outdoor air U breathe everyday).. LOL

  4. Easy to laugh if you live at a low altitude but in the mountains this can be a lifesaver. Altitude sickness can be fatal and the only treatment is oxygen, till one can get to lower altitude. There is less oxygen in the atmosphere at higher altitudes and an oxygen supplement can be essential.

  5. stupid bitches see how dumb the average woman has become, this can be used in high altitude, small non private planes when traveling above 10 thousand feet. or for someone who has sleep apnea when they wake up feeling out of it cause they are oxygen deprived, some one is asthmatic and after using their pump, etc etc. fucking dummies all you hoes know is reality tv and make up. go learn how to cook and suck a cock properly worthless tramps

  6. Aids and fungus and infection cannot live in a properly oxygenated body you idiots google it

  7. Call me ill teach you. Drink chlorophyll daily 6082164797

  8. If you got altitude sickness this can definitely save your life. I went to visit the Machu Pichu and was very sick with the altitude until the people from the area told me to get a bottle of oxygen, the effect is immediately, is, my understanding that athletes use this for performance and in Vegas they use it for hangover relief.

  9. When my wife had lung cancer, she was on oxygen, and it was not always easy to lug along the oxygen tank for a quick trip to the store, etc. We bought some of the Boost Oxygen cans, and she kept one in her purse, and it came in handy so many times.