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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday's Top 5

Ok ok usually I do my top 5 on Tuesday, but with the kids getting home off of vacation at grandpa's and my car in the shop....blah, blah, blah the top 5 got delayed to Wednesday. I'm sure you all don't mind ;)
So this week I have a combo of foodie things and just other goodies I am into. So here ya go, my weekly top 5!

5. Skirts!!
I am not a lover of shorts in the summer, I have a hard time finding something that is not too short, nor too grandma-ish that fits right. Skirts work out well and I kind of feel a little June Cleaver retro fun about them. :) Ok minus the pearls though I'm sure my husband would laugh or love coming home to me in pearls, skirt and heels with dinner on the table, I'm not that good. If you want to check out some great skirts, dresses and other goodies go to Mod Cloth (there is a link on the side bar!) I love, love, love them!! There is so many retro cute items on there I could buy them all if I had unlimited means--lol. Their prices are not bad though, and the quality is pretty good as well!

4. Emily Ellyn from The Next Food Network Star! I hope she wins!! I love food network, seriously could watch it all day type of thing. I guess that's ok for a food blogger right!? It's interesting to me to watch chef's, food blogger, and other culinary industry folks who want to have a show. We may be able to cook, and talk about food but not everyone has the charisma to host a show, or pull new and interesting meals out of their hip pocket on the fly in a short time. I'm not sure I could!
Emily is retro cool and her recipes look great, the kind of food grandma would make with a twist. I will totally watch her if she gets a show, so if she doesn't win food network--give this girl a show!! Thank you!

3. Kombucha!
What is it? Well let me first say you may not want to google images of how it's made (though yeah it's good to know how something is made, it's not pretty)
It is made by fermenting tea and sugar using a kombucha culture known as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). Kombucha’s origins date back to the Tsin Dynasty (220 BC) in China. When we add the culture to sweetened tea, it begins the process that transforms the tea to kombucha. Like winemaking and beer brewing, the art of brewing kombucha follows a special procedure, but is made unique depending on each kombrewer’s technique.
So why drink it? The naturally effervescent beverage contains probiotics, polyphenols, B vitamins, enzymes, and amino-acids, some believers claim it has cancer preventing properties, and aids in boosting the immune system, digestion, boosting metabolism, and even cures acid reflux.
I like it, but it's not for everyone, I do feel energized and it seems to settle some tummy issues for me.

2. Sunology Sunblock!
This stuff is great!! It rates a 1 on the safe sunblock rating (see my past post on that) so it does not have chemicals in it that would contribute to skin cancer-unlike the spray on gunk I see a lot of folks using. The price is higher, I am not going to lie, BUT you no not need a lot of lotion to cover a dab goes a long way. Oh and no matter what you use please make sure you re-apply every two hours folks!!

1. Simply Fruit Twists
No I am not going to the dark side of pre-packages stuff, but as you all might have read yesterday with camps, and other things you have to have a back up plan for snacks that is easy and that your kids don't feel like they stand out in what they are having. These are about as clean as fruit snacks get with out breaking the bank cost wise as well. No added sugar so that is a big plus as well!!
Have a question or topic you want my top 5 on comment below and I'll put it up next week!!

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