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Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 5 of my No Wheat Diet...I think I am going to gnaw someone's arm off!

So I have made it do day 5 of changing to gluten free life. My body feels great, well other than the pinched nerve I have in my neck--ooooowwww! My mental well being....... maybe not as much. I have reached the breaking point that I think lots of us hit when we make a big change, the point where we either plow forward or quit. It's this guy here that is getting to me-
I have not given in, but there is a box of saltine crackers currently haunting me from my pantry. 
It's calling "EEEEAAAT MEEEE!" Gahhhh! This is also what was going on in my head as I tried to fall asleep last night, I'm surprise I wasn't dreaming about it. 
To make matters worse today when I was baby sitting the little girl kept trying to get me to eat her veggie straws her mom brought. Talk about a test of will power! I mean, it would have been sooooo easy to say the kid made me do it right!? 
That's the thing about when you quit something I guess, you have to get over the mental hump. Carbs are like crack for me and once I get past the detox stage it will be easier.... I hope.
Yesterday I took Kate and the dog for a walk when I felt my mind needed to get away from the food. Even Facebook seemed to have pictures of forbidden food all over it! Gahhh!! Stop sharing these pictures people!! 
Glad I did because as you can see it was a glorious day for a walk! Sun, a little warm, and a light breeze with  the birds signing too! Side note- if you ever want to feel like a kid again, take a walk with a 4/5 year old and walk at their pace (not yours--it's harder to do than you think!) Run down the hills, stop at each bench for a quick rest and let the sun warm your face, touch as many branches as you can and poke at the mud with a stick. 
Sometimes I need to just be in her world, it's so much less complicated than mine is. Well, until she asks me for some crackers. :)

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