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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Top 5

Good Morning! Well the countdown has begun in our house, one week of school left!! It feels like this year has just flown by, and trying to get everything together for summer is in full swing. It's crazy how many things we are trying to fit into a two and an haft time frame with Scout camp, Vacation Bible Camps, Sports Camp, and just some fun day trips. I have a feeling summer is also going to fly by in the blink of an eye so I need to make sure to savor every moment of it!

So it's Tuesday and it's time for my Top Five!! So here is my list of this week's favorite things to share with you! If you have any idea's for what you want to hear about please leave me a comment, I'd be happy to oblige! :)

5. Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops
I am not huge on giving my kids sweets all of the time. With that said it seems that every time I turn someone is trying to give my kids treats that I don't want them to have. Treats full of food dye and corn syrup. Maybe it's for a hair cut, maybe it's at the bank, and it's even at our Pediatrician's office, so what do I do!? I have in time learned to carry a few of these in my bad, so when the instance arises I am prepared to say no thanks but not have my kids have a total melt down. Oh and if you have them at home and forget them do let the kids take them but put them in my bag until we get home and then make the trade.

4. Pita Bread
This has been a huge hit at our house with the kids. My kids think eating lunch in a pocket is fun!
I would have had this higher on my list, however I had a sad discovery this morning as I was preparing my photos for my blog.
I was looking at the list of ingredients and very happy that there were only like 6 things in this bread. (Not easy to find!) However at the end of the list was Calcium Propionate, I didn't think much about it (bad me because anything I don't know off the top of my head is not natural and probably not so good.) I looked it up and of course it has some mixed reviews. So we'll finish off what I bought but then I will try making them myself. So look soon for a recipe for Pita bread!!

3. Yogurt!
My kids love it, I do too! It's one of the best sources of probiotics, and good dietary fats! Here is the key though, do NOT buy low fat, fat free etc. I know that goes against what main stream thinking says but just for one look at the two ingredient listings. The center one is plain full fat yogurt. The left is low fat yopalit with fruit. There is not one but three sugars in it, along with a ton of filler. Save yourself! Take full fat plain and add some puree fruit a little maple syrup or honey or vanilla to it. Kids love to customize their yogurt! Give it a try!

2. Glad trays

Talk about an easy way to pack kids lunches! This is my son's lunch today, it cleans up in a zip! Most kids love those icky lunchables, why buy them when you can make your own!

1. Natural Snacks!!

Like I said at the start of this entry summer is busy, and the kids will need easy snacks to pack. Why give them fruit snacks, chips and ding dongs? They don't give them the energy they need to go all day like natural snacks! Almonds, Raisins, Veggies, Air Popped Popcorn, and Fruit are great snacks!!

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  1. I love plain full fat yogurt. I like to strain out the whey to make plain greek yogurt. Super easy and it takes out the carby part and leaves the thicker yogurt with all the good protein. :) Supposedly you can use the whey to make homemade mozzarella or ricotta, but I haven't tried that yet.