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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's Top 5!

Hey out there blog-land! Hope everyone is doing well this Tuesday!! We sadly are house bound with my youngest getting over a cold and my oldest home with swimmers ear. Ah well a good excuse to get the house extra clean and maybe make some chocolate chip cookies today!
So while I have a little down time I want to give you all my Tuesday Top 5! :)

5. Tea's!!

I have been trying to cut my coffee addiction, it's not easy! The tummy issues it seems to give me though have got me motivated to branch out to other warm beverages. Green Tea has so many good properties so I am going to that for my morning caffeine. The Yogi teas are pretty good and I also have a friend of mine that owns this lovely place called Infini-tea in Antioch, IL. It's nice to have a choice of loose leaf teas and I always find something I like (they do have an online store as well). I have tried to jazz up my water drinking with herbal teas as well (which you can drink on ice in the summer) I love Teavana's Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea, I'm currently out and need more!! It's even something the kids can drink and like!

4. Ehrwon Cereal's (esp. the puffed rice!)

There are only 4 ingredients in it and 8g of sugar! My kids like it so that is a huge plus (and as far as cereal goes I have some pretty picky kids! The sugar is less in say Rice Krispies (at 4g) but here is the ingredient comparison: RICE, SUGAR, SALT, MALT FLAVORING, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, IRON, ASCORBIC ACID (VITAMIN C), ALPHA TOCOPHEROL ACETATE (VITAMIN E), NIACINAMIDE, VITAMIN A PALMITATE, PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE (VITAMIN B6), RIBOFLAVIN (VITAMIN B2), THIAMIN HYDROCHLORIDE (VITAMIN B1), FOLIC ACID, VITAMIN D, VITAMIN B12. TO MAINTAIN QUALITY, BHT HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE PACKAGING. 
Yeah I'll take the Erewhon this instead! :)

3. Kalona Super Natural Milk and other dairy products!
I have yet to make the jump to raw milk, for a bunch of reasons. The first one being getting it, it's not easy to come by and the nearest farm for me is at least a 30min drive. It's just not something I can do with ease. The second is having young kids (and I know there are many opinions on this) I prefer the milk to be lightly pasteurized. This milk is awesome, cream top (love the big glop of cream at the top-it's like the most delicious butter/cream spread ever!) If you want to read more on this milk go here.

2. Say Yes! to Products

I have to say I started using this about two weeks ago and my skin has never felt soooo good! No Parabens, or other yucky stuff! It smells good as well! I have to say my most fav is the night cream so far. For more info go here. If you buy online with the code YESTO you get 20% off.

5. Ezekiel brand sprouted grain tortillas!
These are something I try to always keep stocked at our house! They make great personal pizza crusts, burritos, and sandwich wraps. Sprouted Grains are digested differently:
Sprouting a grain actually changes its composition from a starch to a vegetable. How cool is that? When whole grains are sprouted, they are converted into a more nutritious and digestible food. As the grain sprouts, it turns into a plant, and the body recognizes it as a vegetable. Vegetables are the easiest-to-digest foods because they are broken down by vegetable enzymes, not pancreatic enzymes which are less abundant in most people’s digestive systems. The sprouting conversion happens when the sprout pierces the shell of the grain. Once this process is complete, the body can digest the sprouted grains as a vegetable. Picture a grass seed that has begun to sprout into grass coming alive as a vegetable. The sprouted grass seed is then dried and milled into flour. (from Essential Eating)
There are many other products from this line, you can get more info here.

As a little bonus to the top 5, I love when I hear about kids stepping up for good healthy food! This girl is impressive! I know we have pretty good lunches at our school over all but there is a reason I send my kids with lunch from home.
Check out this girls blog when you have time I think you'll be impressed too! Here

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