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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Natural Snacks Taste the rainbow!

I've had some interesting conversations with mom's lately regarding food. 
Lately-"Your kids eat vegetables? For snacks? Wow mine won't touch them!" being one I seem to hear a lot. So I ask what do they eat for snacks, the answer is usually something like fruit snacks, crackers, sometimes it's chips and cheetos (I flinch inside when that is the answer). 
Aiden will tell you his favorite veggie is broccoli and he loves to snack on it, I usually have a variety of veggies for the kids for snack on and each has ones they won't eat and will eat. 
Now don't get me wrong, if I had junk food I am sure my kids would eat that first. They can't help it, it's colorful and it does taste good. Sure they on a surface level know it's bad for them (mainly because I've told them) but at that age it's all about impulse and instant gratification which junk food fills. 
So for me step one was to no longer buy the junk food. It's that simple, if it's not there, it's not an option folks! Hey that works for us as adults as well!! I promise you if I have anything sweet in the house I do not have the will power to not eat it. So if it's not here, well that I can't eat it.
I've had people tell me that if they don't have the junk food that the kids want that kids won't snack (they will just whine), maybe I'm going to be called harsh but you know what? Too bad kids! They will eat, with kids these things are a game of will. You need to have the stronger will and I promise they will come around, if your kids are younger do it now because once they are older it will be 100 X's harder. 
Let's face it if you never gave it to them, they wouldn't even know it was out there or an option (well not until they were in school at least). 
Make a game of it with kids, cut up a rainbow of fruit or veggies and play the eat a color game. Give them choice in veggies! They don't like carrots, move on the cucumbers or maybe celery. The key is to not be lazy and hide behind the easy box of processed pre-made junk! (Trust me even I struggle with this some days!) Find a time in the week where you can take 10-15 mins and just cut up and put cut up veggies in zip locks or Tupperware with a little water. Then when the kids are hungry pull it out, super easy! 
So what do you think!? Share your comments below!!

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