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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easy Soft Serve Ice Cream- Made from frozen banana's!!

Happy Hump Day folks! So I am on day 3 of going Wheat Free!! Amazingly I am not going crazy- yet...;)
Today I was telling a friend that I feel the best today I have in months, woo-hooo!
I don't feel bloated (and I even had a large dinner tonight!) My gastro issues feel like they are improving, AND I am down 2lbs!! I have not followed the Wheat Belly diet 100% as I have not made my own bread/cookies yet. I have been using (sparingly) gluten free cookies, and bread when I have a crazy craving.  These guys are pretty awesome!! The night time is the hardest, I love my crackers or a sweet treat before bed! The kids also love dessert after dinner and it's hard to not want to have something with them.

So after looking online, I have discovered the wonder that is Banana ice cream!!
How I never read about this before now, I have no idea. Seriously doesn't this look good!?
It comes out like soft serve, and looks like pudding I guess. This one is the chocolate version I made tonight. It is soooo yummy! I will say if you hate banana flavor, make a small amount and at least try it. the add in's mask the banana flavor so it's not super banana-ish.

I feel kind of silly writing "Ingredients" because it's frozen banana's. If you don't change the flavor then that's it. Crazy right!?

Directions--There are two ways to do this- 
Way 1- Take a ripe banana slice it up into coins and put it on a plate or cookie sheet and freeze for an hour or so. Throw it into your food processor or blender.
Way 2- When you have super ripe banana's peel them and freeze in a bag for when you need them for things like this. (Gotta love that, you will never toss a ripe banana away again!!) Then slice it up and put it into your blender or food processor.

At this point if you went with option 1 add a splash of vanilla if you like (you don't have to though!) and blend to smooth. It will come out like soft serve.

If you went the way of option 2 you might need to add a tablespoon of yogurt to add a little moisture if it does not seem to be blending well (sometimes in freezing for a longer period you loose some moisture) a splash of vanilla and you are good to go.
I have made mine in the food processor (that went quick and easy! About 4 mins and done!) The magic bullet works, but takes a little more time and shaking/mixing it up from time to time as it gets stuck. Takes more like 10 mins. Less cleaning though, either way it works.

If you want to change it up, for chocolate I add about 1.5 tbsp of coco powder (that's it!!)
We have done strawberry as well, and as I am sure you guess, add 2-3 strawberries. Do your add-in's I put mine in once everything is smooth and done.
Talk about a guilt free treat, that you or the kids can eat without any worries!!!
And trust me my kids love it!!
This is Will loving the plain old banana/vanilla flavor!

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