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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring is coming!?

Well it's April 2nd, and though spring is on my mind it is still only 32 degrees!! Okay Winter I know you got a late start and all but enough!!! So I am officially declaring my eviction notice!!! 
I am ready for all things Spring!! I am so excited the Farmers Market in Grayslake starts this weekend!! Farm fresh eggs and farm raised meats (Farmer Nick's Bacon!!!) I am so ready!!!
I am also ready for..
Spring Flowers!!!- Tulips, Crocus, and daffodils...They are trying!!
Sadly mine are still just leaves, this is from my girl friend's yard (So I know it has to be soon! Right!!??)

Speaking of plants, have you started thinking about your garden!? My favorite time is early spring, when I start to look at the seed sites and magazines and think about what I want to try this year. With the whole Monsanto seed issue I find myself having to look so much harder into who I buy from, gone are the days I can blindly trust that everyone has safe seeds that won't grow plants full of who know's what. That and there is NO WAY I want single dollar go to support them. 
I did have a great article shared with me here from a blog called "The Healthy Home Economist" They have great links to many safe seed companies!
Pinterest has me fantasizing about warm days on the deck, kids playing outside (when the yard is not all mud-eeek!) I am fascinated in Straw Bale Gardens, anyone have any luck with them!? I'd love to hear about it.
For now I will just have to wistfully look at pictures, but Spring has to be here soon, if not I am going to have to find the Groundhog and have a talk with him :)

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