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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Minecraft ate my children

"Mom! Mom! Did you know in the nether you can get zombie pigs.and they can get you ten pieces of stuff and...blah...blah...stuff.... fun" This is the conversation I get from my nine year old, EVERY... FLIPPING....Day.......Gahhhhh!
What is it about Minecraft that gets them as addicted as crack to a game that is as much graphics level on par with Mario Bro's of the 80's!? When they started playing this game I was all "Ok, it takes imagination, they have to build things and find things and it's not just running and jumping." I like things that encourage their creativity.
Now they would spend all day if I let them playing, or even crazier to me watching YouTube videos of someone else playing!! And after talking to other parents I know my kids are not the only ones doing this.
The day has come, I need to free my sons from the video game zombie land!!

Today when I cut the cord (all I did was tell the boys they have had enough time and when i get out of the shower they need to be off) Of course when I got out, they were still on, looking guilty and knowing what they did. Me going down and pulling the plug resulted in faces looking like the above pic. Eeeekkk!

They of course told me "We barely had any time!!" Hahahaha! As I have been battling a pinched nerve in my neck, they got way more time than normally allowed so I could rest. (I seriously hate auto parenting days, but sometimes you don't have a choice.) 
They had two hours this morning! This of course was met with the "Your a mean mom" from my six year old, and a "It's so unfair" from my nine year old. 
I of course said "Yes I was a mean mom, and go to your room."  It's sooooo fun being a mom some days. 

After a cool down period, we had our sit down, come back to reality moment. Fifteen minutes (the time they are each allowed during the week-if homework is done, rooms are cleaned, and if the weather is good they have played outside for a half an hour) goes by in a blink.Will with the ADHD should really not be on at all during the week, but sometimes you need a bargining chip with kids and so fifteen miniutes seems a comprimise I can live with. 
I told them "There is a reason I set those time limits, today you lost two hours of time boys without even noticing it!" They get it, sort of. So we are off of video games for the weekend, yup I'm a mean, mean mamma, SIGH. I can not tell you how glad I am winter is almost over and I can kick them outside. As my mom used to say--Why can't they be like we were, what's the matter with kids today-lol

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