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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Super yummy Poppy seed Fruit with Chicken Salad --recipe for Creamy Lemon Poppy seed dressing

Well it's a Sunny Sunday here in Illinois! Finally!!! We have had a week now of rain, cold and clouds, to say I am ready to jump over spring and get right to summer is kind of an understatement! So I decided to make my favorite summery salad (based on the one I LOVE at Portillo's-a hot dog chain here in Chicago) yesterday for our Pot Luck lunch at the boys Space Derby for Cub Scouts.
I fully intended to take a nice photo for you of this lovely salad, but as things got a little crazy getting in, with kids running off and people asking questions I totally forgot!! So when I got back to my salad to take the photo (and I am sure several of the people there were wondering why I was taking a photo of the food) This is what I got...
There was nothing left, in the end so I guess it was a success!!! Making the dressing was soooo easy I am never buying the stuff from the store again! The dressing I am told can last up to three weeks in an air tight container-so if you are keeping it at home in the fridge I'd make sure to label it, not that it will probably last that long!!
The good news it the boys took 2nd and 3rd place in the space races for their dens!! Kate was bummed as they got trophies and she did not. Not an easy thing to explain to a four year old but luckily after about a half hour she was over it.
These are our lovely Space ships---

Will had his birthday and the whole pack sang to him, talk about a super special day!! We had pie later (he didn't want cake this year after all!!) and I had a piece, cheating on my gluten free diet. Can I tell you I'm not sure it was worth it!? I could totally feel it, so I guess I will have to look into trying my hand at some gluten free pie crusts in the future or find someplace that makes them.
Ok enough blathering from me! Here is the recipe for the yummy salad, trust me it's one you will be craving after you have it!!

Poppy Seed Fruit With Chicken Salad
 (or for anytime you want a taste of summer!)
1-head of lettuce (spinach works great for this too, or do a mix!)
1/2- a large cucumber sliced and halved
1/2- pt of blueberries
1/2- pt of strawberries quartered
1-cup of chopped into bite sized pineapple (Fresh is best but canned in juice-no sugar added can work too!)
1/2-of a 4oz container of Gorgonzola or Fetta or Blue Cheese
2 clementines peeled and sectioned -or- canned Mandarin oranges 
2 cups of chopped cooked chicken breast 
1 Cup of Pecans (For a pot luck I put them on the side, with the amount of people with nut allergies I would rather not take a chance.)

Toss all the items together and enjoy with the dressing below:

Creamy Lemon Poppy seed Dressing
1/3 cup of Honey
1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup of mayonnaise
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup of Olive Oil
1 tbsp Poppy Seeds
4 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 tbsp onion powder
*I also like to get a little bit of the lemon rind in it, so you can zest a tsp of your lemon it gives it a little extra flavor!
Super easy, put all of the items into your blender except for your Olive Oil (except the Poppy seeds!!) Blend to smooth and then take the little handle out of your blender lid-pour in your oil while blending-slowly! This will keep it from separating. Lastly pulse the Poppy Seeds into the dressing and you are done!
*You can just add it with the oil as well it will still work. You may have to shake between use to remix-

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