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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tostizzas--my kids new favorite meal!

So if you ask my kids what do you want for dinner, you'll get probably one of two answers: Pizza or Tacos. In my browsing of the blog "Semi Homemade Mom" (I LOVE her grilled cheeseburger wraps-one of my favorite recipe finds) she had a recipe for Beef and Black Bean Tostizzas. It's a good recipe but she uses Pillsbury Grands, and that is not on my whole food radar. To me the recipe is a combo of a Pizza and a Taco, so we can totally use tortillas! I always try to have Ezekiel brand tortillas (they are great for wraps, lunch time pizzas for the kids etc.) The ones I got this week were from Trader Joe's.

 Super easy and fast to make, and the kids can help!! Anytime the kids can help make dinner in our house they are happy. Let them pick a green veggie side and it's a dinner that they (mostly) made themselves! 

Tostizzas with Ground Beef and Black Beans
1 lb of ground beef
15 oz of re-fried beans (canned or make your own) 
15 oz of Black Beans (either canned-make sure to rinse--or dried re-hydrated)
1 cup of salsa
Enough Tortillas for 1-2 for each person eating
Shredded Monterey Jack or Cheddar Cheese

1-Brown your ground beef, then add in your taco seasoning (follow whatever directions you have with using the seasoning-most you will need to add water and cook down)
2- When done add in your black beans and salsa and remove from heat-mix well.
3- Pre-heat your oven to 450
5- Now is the part the kids can help on! Get out a cookie sheet and put your tortillas (I can fit two) on it. Have the kids spread a thin layer of re-fried beans (you can make without but it give a nice layer and makes it more filling.) Then spread a layer of the meat mixture, lastly sprinkle on your cheese. 
6-Bake for about 10 mins or until the cheese is bubbly and the edges crisp up.
You can top it with some sour cream, or avocado--yum!!
We like to use the pizza cutter and cut it in half and the boys fold it in half kind of taco like. So good they each had two!! Enjoy, and happy eating!

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  1. I am not a kid but I am born appetite and when I meet foods like you made,I can't resist myself.So please invite me.