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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chewing the Fat on Dairy

What kind of Dairy do you drink, and eat? There has been a lot of talk about it lately in some circles I am in. The information given to us is so flawed I think, for years I've been under the "Must eat low fat or far free dairy" trance that has been fed to us.
However, in my food quest this year I kept coming across info that was telling me everything I knew was wrong! So I did some digging and found that one- If you eat full fat dairy it's actually good for your heart!! Here is one of many articles that talks about it. (click here :) )
There is also the obvious thing to me that full fat tastes better!! In eating full fat, you are filled up quicker (and why wouldn't you be, skim milk is pretty much water with some milk added to it if you ask me.) Then there is the whole factor of if you look at a "Fat Free" yogurt or cottage cheese, etc that they add more sugar, salt or something else to it to make it something you would want to eat.
The best milk is said to be Raw milk, however it's kind of hard to find in the area I live. I also have to admit I have a bit of a mental block jumping to milk not being pasteurized. So I will usually try to get Kalona milk as it is non-homogenized and lightly pasteurized. They make some pretty good dairy products over all (yogurt, cottage cheese) I think it's about the closest product I can find to Raw Dairy.

The one this that I can't stress enough, I know it's not cheap but folks, but buy grass fed organic dairy!!!
I know I wince when I look at $3 something for a half gallon over the $1.99 run of the mill every day milk but it's about what is in that milk!! The average milk is filled with hormones, and chemicals that are fed to the cows to help increase milk production. Guess what, it passes into the milk and we are drinking that!! Living Maxwell has a great list of facts on it-here and even the mayo clinic says we need to be making the switch to organic as much as possible. Great article on that here.
I can't help but feel a lot of our increasing medical issues stem from what we are putting into our bodies! We are what we eat as they say (or drink) and putting this crap into our body is not going to benefit us! Also if we all stopped buying the crap milk then then dairy industry would have to change it's ways, right?
So what do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!! :)

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