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Monday, September 10, 2012

Never buy Mayo again!!!

Ok I know two posts in one day, but this was the other thing I have discovered over my break....Mayonnaise is the easiest thing to make, ever! Plus it tastes 1 million times better!!!
Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on the side of you Miracle Whip Bottle? It's eggs, oil, and spices (or the store stuff has a bunch of other junk in it and often sugar!)
So I did my homework and thought, what the heck!? Now if you are nervous about the whole egg thing there are pasteurized eggs out there. Honestly if you are getting fresh eggs from your local farmer you have little to worry about but I get it and if you want to take that extra step of concern then look for Davidson's Eggs.
There are a million uses of course your sandwich spread, but salad dressing, egg salad, dips. They will all taste better with real mayo!!
Real Mayonnaise (based on Gordon Ramsey's Recipe)
1 whole egg + two egg yokes
1 and 1/4 cup of canola oil (other oils work as well just don't use extra virgin Olive oil, trust me it's not a good flavor)
A good squirt of Dijon mustard
dash of pepper
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp of white vinegar or juice of 1 lemon

Ok so get out your blender folks! Put in your eggs on a medium speed, add your mustard. Now on my blender I take the little handle part on the top lid out so I have a small open hole. Slowly (and I mean it slow-add a little oil-like about a tbsp. at a time. When you get about 1/2 of your oil in add in the salt, pepper, and vinegar or lemon. Then pour in the remainder of your oil in a steady stream. You will be amazed as you pour how quickly it thickens up! Once it's all thick and yummy, take a taste. You will be able to tell if you need to add more salt or vinegar to it then and adjust slowly. Make sure you put it in an air tight container or zip lock refrigerate and use in about a two week time. Makes about 2 cups.

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